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    Ashlee is focused on providing high-quality photos and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. Ashlee was born and raised in the beautiful Texas Hill Country where her passion for photography began. She has shot photos her whole life and started offering photography services in 2009. She is based out of Marble Falls/Spicewood and enjoys spending time with her husband & son. Ashlee shoots with a Nikon and really works to capture emotion and personality in her photographs.

Beautiful Bluebonnet Spring!

What a beautiful year for the hill country bluebonnets! They were out in full force for a solid 3 weeks and they were breath-taking. We shot some quick bluebonnet mini sessions and loved seeing repeat clients and even meeting some new! If you’d never seen the bluebonnets in Texas- put it on your bucket list!



Holiday Mini Sessions 2014

LOVE getting to do a couple holiday mini sessions each year. They are fun, easy and affordable! I actually had to open a second date this year due to an overwhelming response to the first session. Here are a few fun shots from some great families! Happy (early) Holidays y’all!



Ashlee’s Thoughts:: Rhyder turns one…

Wow. My baby is one today.

The magnitude of this day is not lost on me or my husband. I have had such a gamut of emotions within the last 12 months.. But really the last 22. I learned about REAL anxiety and patience while allowing God to work in His timing to grow a child in my womb. This by far was the most intimate time I’ve ever shared with the Lord. At times I felt as though Rhyder was a tether from our Heavenly Father straight to me.  I learned what it feels like to see your own heart outside your body. To watch in awe as your child takes their first breath and experience that instant that who you are and how you live your life is forever changed. Becoming the soul food source for another human is taxing to say the least, but the most selfless gift I have ever been blessed to give. The exhaustion is real, yet so is the overflow of love and infatuation. My husband likes to remind me of the first night we spent with Rhyder. As we sat on the bed cradling him in complete awe Parker gently told me to lay him down so I could sleep. I couldn’t even think of it- He came over to take him and I burst into tears of love, sadness, joy and exhaustion. As he comforted me I laid down and was asleep before he made it around the bed to lay Rhyder down. I would have held him there all night in pure bliss battling my body’s request for sleep. I learned about change- expected and utterly unexpected. We laughed, we cried, we loved and we grew. It was the peak of my selfishness yet the most selfless I have ever been. God shaped us and reached inside of our hearts to gently break them so we could trust and rely fully on Him- just like the Shepard and His sheep. We were forever changed for the better. Rhyder pushed us to our limits and then past them and often made us stretch our capabilities. We had never laughed so truly, loved so deeply or cried so desperately. I learned how to love my son and his daddy each in a new way. My soul and inner most being has been transformed- for the better. I learned that although blood never bothered me before, seeing my own child’s blood could drop me like a brick. We REprioritized our lives and put a bigger emphasis on God, Family and good friendships. I learned the importance of quiet, alone moments to recharge. I learned to love and respect my husband in new thankful ways. My perspective on MANY things were shattered, validated or changed. I judged others, was judged and learned we are ALL just trying our best. We were challenged in the best and worst ways. I became ‘Mama’ -the most amazing title I will ever have. I learned happiness in small things and disappointment in others. I struggled and wrestled with some awful demons and battled with the devil. Jesus held my hand and gave me comfort, protection and a joyful peace that transcends my understanding. We are externally grateful for that grace.

We are made new every morning and take comfort in that. Looking back on this beginning gives me relief and hope. Thank you Rhyder James Carroll for this amazing first year- you are fearfully and wonderfully made!


Marble Falls Maternity/Newborn:: Meet Baby Graham!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting some maternity photos for Courtney & Dustin. They were expecting their first child- a son they would name Graham. Below are a few from that session and then a few from this week’s newborn session with their sweet new addition! He is just adorable and lucky to be surrounded with such great family & friends!


WingMaternity-102BLOG copy

Back in the saddle…kinda!

Hi friends!

Our son is officially turing 1 next month and we can NOT believe it! With his days becoming a little more scheduled this mama is ready to take on a few sessions here and there. I SURE miss being behind the camera and interacting with all of you! Thank you for your patience and support while I took a break and now as I start back part-time. I am SO grateful for all your kind words, encouragement, love and even messages begging me to do sessions! God has sure blessed me with wonderful friends and clients. Thanks again and stop by for specials and session previews here or on my Facebook page.

Much Love- Ashlee


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